VIDAHAIR - Hair Extension

Introducing a revolutionary hair extension system. The most invisible hair extensions in the world!

VIDAHAIR utilises the first and only cold application system that allows us to apply hair extensions directly to your hair, without any heat! They are very transparent and almost invisible. The specialised tool spreads the right quantity of bonding agent and, in 1 second, the work is done! Creating the most invisible extensions in the world!

  • We can apply 1 to 1000 hairs at a time
  • No heat and no damage
  • Helps with lengthening and thickening
  • Mainly used on your hair line and on top of your head
  • Perfect for someone who is thinning, balding, has Alopecia or scarring
  • Can be used on Men and Woman
  • 100% Human Remy hair (highest quality)
  • You can create fringe hair extensions


  • How long does it take to apply?  It will depend on length and quantity.  Book in for a consultation to discuss with one of our stylists.
  • Can the glue damage my hair? No, there is no to very little damage.
  • What is Remy hair?  Remy hair is collected in such a way to ensure all strands remain aligned in the same direction to which it has grown. This eliminates tangling problems more commonly found in non-Remy hair.  Because of this method of collection, this type of hair is in short supply and is priced accordingly.
  • How often do i need to have these maintained?  We recommend to have top ups every 4 – 6 weeks as they will slowly fall out naturally with your own hair.

Contact Kal Today To Make Your Booking

Contact Kal Today To Make Your Booking

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