Tarryn Abel – Australia

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“After having heavy wefts put in my hair years ago, which ultimately caused irrepairable damage to my fine hair, I decided to give Microchet a try after months and months of research. This is specifically used to for people with fine hair. Kal is the only person who performs such wonders in NZ and Australia! 
After my initial consultation with Kal, I knew this was the right option for me to get beautiful thick natural looking extensions. Kal was phenomenal as any questions or concerns I had were answered immediately and professionally. 
After a few hours of getting Microchet, I simply cannot believe how amazing my extensions look and feel. They are undetectable and extremely light weight. No tugging on my natural hair while in the shower. The quality of hair is second to none. Kals professionalism and warm nature made the experience even better! 
As I live in Australia, I will definitely be coming back to Kal on a regular basis.. The price one pays for unbelievable service and quality!

Thank you so much Kal!! You are so wonderful and have transformed my look into something I absolutely LOVE!!! Without a doubt 10/10 for service, quality and experience!”



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