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I am absolutely thrilled with my hair extensions. After having a bad experience previously several years ago with bonded extensions (done through another hairdresser) I never thought I would try them again due to the extensive damage however when I started hearing about microchet extensions I thought they were worth investigating due to the minimum damage to the natural hair.
After emailing Kal I was extremely impressed with the information provided, Kal was very informative and made me feel comfortable with the procedure. She went the extra mile to fit me in as I was travelling to Auckland from Queenstown and even did the consultation and procedure in one day which is unusual – I was very lucky she had my exact hair colour in stock.
I have had them in for a week now and still am amazed with the lightness and how natural they look – they are so light they actually feel like my own hair. The condition of the hair is soft and feels just like your own.
I cannot recommend this enough, it is definitely worth the extra money compared to weave and bonds just to have the secure knowledge that if an extension was to come out it wouldn’t damage my own hair. 
Kal is friendly and such a lovely person – as it can be a long procedure she made me feel very comfortable and has a wonderful rapport with people.
I can’t recommend these enough and would be happy also for anyone interested to contact me directly if you had any enquiries – you won’t regret it I can assure you!

Thanks again Kal, absolutely love my new hair.


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