Introducing Microchet®

Do you want hair extensions or hair additions that look and feel like your own natural hair?

We’re the first certified in New Zealand to introduce the amazing Microchet® process — the latest chemical and heat-free way to add length and thickness to your hair.

With no heat or chemical applied to your hair or scalp, you can be assured that no damage will result to your hair and you will gain a more beautiful, luxuriant look.

Hi I’m Kal, and I’ve just returned from the USA where I completed formal training in this revolutionary new product. When I heard about Micochet® there was no holding me back.  I went straight away!

It’s an intricate technique using a tiny thread — almost unnoticeable — that doesn’t pull, stress or damage your own hair.

With one of the extension methods, only the tiniest adhesive is used on the bond which doesn’t come into contact with your hair or scalp. So it’s risk-free, totally.

We use the revolutionary Microchet® process for both extensions and to thicken areas of thinning hair and to conceal bald patches.  It’s remarkably effective.

Microchet® uses only the finest human hair, and the results are amazing!   It is lightweight and has a totally natural look. Not only can you wash and style it as you would natural hair, you can even colour and perm as you did before!  Removal is quick and easy.

In around 4 hours I can now transform short, thin or patchy hair into thick, wavy, beautiful hair which attracts admirers who never know the difference!

Do you have an occasion coming up when you’ll want to look amazing?

Isn’t this what you’ve been waiting for?  A process that uses no chemicals on your body or hair and is so ‘natural’ you’ll forget it’s not your own. It’s 50% lighter than any other hair enhancement product available.

Whether you want longer or thicker hair, you’ll be stunned just how good you can look.

Come check it out!  Call me soon to hear more about Microchet®!

Certified by Inventor Charles in California