Have you ever changed something about your eyes, and found that everyone notices or comments?

It’s true — people see more of your eyes than anything else.  It’s called ‘eye contact’ and it can be serious, funny or very romantic.

Hi, I’m Kal and I’d love to work my magic on your eyes.  

Eyelash extensions are not just for movie stars and famous celebrities.  They get special help from their beauticians and so should you.

I’d like you to experience what personal service from someone who really cares about how you look and feel actually means.

Really, it’s not magic at all.  I draw on years of personal training and knowledge to enhance your eyes with eyelash extensions you’ve only dreamt about.

Everyone’s eyes are different.  Enhancing them to maximum effect means that your next eye contact will really work for you.

That takes real expertise by an experienced beautician. 

There are some special secrets to my ‘magic’.  I apply ‘one on one’ eyelash extensions — adhering eyelashes individually — so they look totally natural.

Would you like bottom lash extensions also?  My process feels and looks totally natural without any irritation.

I source and import my own materials to achieve the results I know are not available from most ‘city’ salons.

–           Individual ‘One on one’ extensions

–           Bottom lashes available

–           Overseas professionally training

–           Unique curling process to enhance eye shape

–           Unique imported product

Like to make an appointment?  Call me now — I’d be delighted to hear from you!

Coming to see me?

If you have an appointment, here are few tips to make things easier and to get the best result:

–         Set aside at least two hours for your appointment

–         Please do not wear any make-up.  Especially not eye make-up or mascara

–         Just wear your normal eyeglasses — no contact lenses please.

Care Instructions

Extensions are carefully applied to your eyelashes so there are some things you need to know.

Do not:

–         Get your eyelashes wet for at least 24 hours to allow the adhesive to completely dry.

–         Subject to hot steam from the shower or sauna for 2 days.

–         Rub your eyes excessively. Be very gentle with your eyelashes.

–         Use an eyelash curler!

–         Use any oil-based eye makeup remover.

Used to Using Mascara?   

Mascara will not be necessary with your beautiful new eyelashes, but if you really want to, apply to the tips only – do not apply mascara near the base of the eyelash or use waterproof mascara.

Even better, to add definition use my ‘Black Diamond’ coating sealant.  It not only looks better, but protects your eyelashes from moisture, oil, and dust.  You can apply ‘Black Diamond’ daily.

Maintaining Your Beautiful Eyelash Extensions

Depending on your own natural eyelash growth cycle and of course the care instructions above, you will probably need a touch-up approximately every 3 weeks.


Introductory offer for first time clients – $99.00 Classic set.

  • Full set - Classic set
  • Full set - Glamour Lashes
  • Ombre Eyelash Extensions
  • Glitter Eyelash Extensions
  • Backfill - within 3 weeks.
  • Backfill - within 4 weeks.
  • Removal of Lashes that have been applied by Kal
  • Removal of Lashes that have been applied elsewhere

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