What is Brow Artistry?

Have you been over waxed or self plucking?
Your brows slowly getting thinner and loosing shape?

This is where a Master Brow Artist truly blossoms, commitment and devotion to RESTORE, REPAIR and Re-GROW your brow back to its absolute full potential. An exciting, fun and rewarding jpurney towards creating your perfect brow and giving you the confidence to truly ‘own them.

“Natural brow restoration allows a woman to refine her beauty.  Suddenly, she becomes softer, more sophisticated and transformed by artistry.”   Elle Wilson

The Natural Brow Restoration and Design System is the process of recovering your brows to their fullest and most beautiful potential, naturally.  You will be amazed at what is possible, using your very own brows, regardless of the state they are currently in.  No tricks, serums, wigs or extensions. No tattooing and no permanent make up.  You will be stunned by the results using what nature gave you and the skills of a highly trained brow artist from Brow Artists International.  We will work meticulously with your brows to reveal their natural true potential through soft, flowing lines.  Every woman can be restored naturally to a gorgeous set of brows regardless of what, or who, has unwittingly ravaged them before.

You may have been told in the past by well-meaning friends, family or even beauty therapists that your brows will not grow back, that brows don’t grow back – well that is simply not true.  In 99% of cases each and every brow can and will be restored to its true natural potential.  Even after years of being ravaged! Yes it takes time but if you could have amazingly beautiful brows that are the envy of your friends and family why would you not invest a little time now, for a lifetime of stunning brows.  It’s a no-brainer.

We cannot share with you the exact details of how the transformations are achieved as that is proprietary information that is owned by BAI for exclusive use by their salons and BAI Brow Artists.  However we can tell you we are trained in the following:

* Cutting edge lighting techniques
* Brow colour correction and enhancement
* How to work effectively with the hair growth patterns and cycles
* Understanding the transformational qualities of a woman’s brow
* The original natural brow restoration techniques as created and developed by Elle Wilson
* A complete and in-depth understanding of how to work with any brow to open a woman’s face, giving her a new found youthfulness and freshness, instantly.

Lets begin your brow journey now!
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Ultimate Brow Design $85 Allow 1.5 hour
Design Maintainence $50 Every 3 weeks.
Design Maintainence $65 Every 4 weeks.
Design Maintainence Full price $85 after 5 weeks.

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