Hairology by Kal is a “book by appointment” hair Specialist in Weymouth, Auckland and the surrounding cities offering a wide range of hair treatment and enhancement services for children, men and women. As an alternative to surgery, we offer unique aesthetic treatments that give you the permanent look of a full head.

Over the years, we’ve been helping children, men and women suffering hair loss, with effective hair loss solutions that put smiles on their faces. We offer the latest and the most durable hair replacement, hair loss prevention and treatment solutions. Our solutions are not only the most recent and the most durable but the best and the safest solutions possible. We provide you with hair solutions that give you the confidence to face the world squarely.

We understand the importance of a good hair, and we listen to and educate our clients where necessary so they can always look as good and healthy as they look after our magic touch. We provide wigs and hairpiece to patients suffering from hair loss due to diseases like Cancer, Alopecia Trichotillomania etc.

We’re your ultimate Health Pac Payee registered one-stop destination for non-surgical hair replacement, wigs, hair extensions, synthetic extensions, eyebrow artistry and lash extensions.

Owner - Kalpana Sharma


Hi Dear,

I’m Kalpana of Hairology by Kal; I guess you know that already.

Because of how important your hair is, you surely want to know who says she can do miracles for your hair. Well, I wouldn’t call it miracles, but experience has taught me that every hair problems has a solution I can provide.

Talking about experience, I’ve acquired in-depth industry-based expertise over the years in the hair treatment and enhancement sector either taking special treatment and enhancement courses or attending to my broad base of trusted clients.

My story started when I was thirteen in my native, Fiji; I did traditional threading and facial treatments, and by the time I was eighteen, I had my own Nutrimetics consultancy. As one with a growth mindset and a passion for learning, I had traveled to many countries including the United States, India, and Thailand where I studied both traditional and modern beauty and hair enhancement treatments that can help people live a better life.

You might want to know what really inspired me; the deep-rooted reason why I strive to help people suffering from hair loss. My reason is traced to an occurrence when I was a child which haunts me till date.

Back in Fiji, when I was 12, I had a close friend who suffered from Alopecia totalis and lost all her hair. Back then little knowledge was available about hair loss solutions and few products existed. She always complained about how wigs don’t look natural and irritated her scalp and was always concerned about her wig going off during a wind. We understood little about what she was passing through.

After a couple of months, she didn’t turn up at school, and on asking questions, it was revealed that she committed suicide. We all felt terrible, but I took it upon myself to find solutions to the problem.

I started doing hair extensions at that early age, but on discovering hair extensions didn’t solve all of my clients’ problems, I was troubled. That triggered off my journeys to foreign countries to learn about making non-surgical hair replacements, medical wigs and so many other better options. I moved to discover every other solution to help other women who had the same concern as my childhood friend.

I designed a medical wig, I called “Dost” in commemoration of my friend. By the way, “Dost” means “Friend” in Hindi. I created Dost with love, and it has everything my friend needed; soft silk and non- scalp irritating top, natural looking hand tied hairs, silicone tabs on the sides to prevent it from blowing away during wind and a full-time human hair that allows styling.

With an aim to serve my clients better, I took business management and customer relationship classes which exposed me to the world of business and customer management, enabling me to offer the best of customer satisfaction. As a trained Beauty Consultant and Hair Stylist with over 20 years of experience, I’m your best bet if you’re looking for the best.

Kal's Certification and Training

I’m a subscriber to the notion that learning never ends. In fact, to be unique in what you do, there’s need always to be updated with the latest trends and solutions. I’ve trained and gotten certified in numerous hair treatment and enhancement and beauty solutions including and not limited to;

  • Specialized beauty training in Fiji, India and New Zealand.
  • Specialized training in threading.
  • Intensive training on eight different methods of modern-day hair extensions.
  • Eyelashes extension training in USA and Thailand.
  • Brow training with True Brow International in Melbourne.
  • Microchet hair extensions training, which we were the first to bring to Australiasia.
  • Volumizer Integration system training in the UK.

I went through 5-course hands-on training with Gigi Gloria, one of the pioneers of non-surgical hair replacement services in USA where I received intense training on integration and alteration and women and men hair replacement. I also took 5-course training with Sharon Reams; a training which covered total transformation, web weave, euro stitch, micro stitch and non-track non-surgical hair replacement.

As a thought leader in the industry, I’m the pioneer provider of most of these services due to my pro- activeness in acquiring the latest industry-related skills.

Are you in need of our services or have any questions, kindly contact us through our contact details.

Non surgical hair replacement with gigi gloria one of the pioneers in USA did 5 course hands on training :

  • Introduction to hair replacement
  • Intergration & Alteration
  • Women medical hair replacement
  • Men medical hair replacement
  • Marketing and business

Sharon Reams – 5 course

  • Total transformation
  • Web weave –
  • Euro stitch
  • Micro stitch –
  • No track non surgical hair replacement
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