Hair loss is linked with so many emotional and mental feelings that people shy away from talking about it. For women, the hair is a significant aspect of beauty, and from an early age, they’re taught to associate their beauty to the nature of their hair. When this hair, so much valued by women start falling out, for whatever reason, it leads to various mental and emotional feelings for the sufferer. No one, given a choice, would want to lose their most admired hair and the emotional impacts of living with hair loss can be demoralizing. This piece highlights some of the mental and psychological effects of hair loss in women.

1. Hair Loss Impacts profoundly on Self Confidence and Body Image

When a woman starts losing her hair, the next thing that’s liable to been lost is the lady’s body image and self-confidence. A lot of essences is attached to the hair as a part of what makes a woman feminine. The more hair is lost, the more the feeling of unattractiveness in the lady and these results to less involvement in interacting with people around. The confidence of the thinning hair sufferer suffers, and they become withdrawn at work and in social settings.

2. Withdrawal resulting from social teasing and humiliation

When hair loss in women reaches a stage of visible condition, it makes the sufferer an object of teasing and ridicule at workplaces and social events. Typically, the sufferer withdraws and shies away from activities where she’ll come in contact with people who she believes will ridicule her.

3. Intense Depression

Women’s hair loss effects can be so severe to caused distress enough to make the sufferer depressed. In typical cases of hair loss where hair replacement seems like the only option, sufferers assume they’re losing control over their lives and enter into a depression. Researches have shown that sufferers of alopecia have higher levels of depression and anxiety related problems.

4. Envy and Jealousy

Having hair loss most times arouse subconscious and uncontrollable feelings of jealousy and bitterness in the mind of sufferers. In these situations, these sufferers desperately covet what women with healthy hair have.

5. Fear and Anxiety about Old Age

Hair Loss ages sufferers by more than five years. No individual wants to look older than they are and today’s society attaches negativity to ageing. This attitude is seen in the way people behave towards an individual when they perceive the person as older. This erupts all kinds of negative emotions in the hair loss sufferer. Feelings like being left out to feelings of loss of youth vitality increases, sometimes leading to depression.

6. Feelings of Inadequacy

Loss of hair can lead to mental stress which most times makes the situation worse in many instances. This leads to feelings of inadequacy and social withdrawal

7. Fear of not being Attractive

Women are known for investing a lot of time and money grooming, dying, curling, styling and drying their hair to look the best. When they start losing their most precious hairs, it’s exceptionally traumatic for them. This trauma is majorly derived from the fact that one used to having hair finds herself losing it. It becomes troublesome dealing with the reality of hair loss.

Conclusively, the mental and emotional effects of hair loss abound, however, with hair replacement and hair extension solutions, there is a way forward for women suffering hair loss. Hairology by Kal is a hair treatment specialist in Weymouth, Auckland and the surrounding cities. We offer a wide range of hair treatment and enhancement services for children and women who are suffering from hair loss. We believe you don’t have to suffer the mental and emotional effects of hair loss as we provide all the solutions you need to smile again.

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