Does natural hair removal interest you — a process that is non-invasive, painless and beautifully effective? 

Threading is an ancient Indian technique for removing excess hair in sensitive areas such as eyebrows, upper lips and other parts of the face.

Along with many other more natural processes, threading is fast becoming popular in Western countries.

Threading removes hair at the follicle level, using pure, thin, twisted cotton thread which is rolled over untidy hairlines, eyebrows and other areas of unwanted hair.

Trained in India, I am an expert in this process.

Now you can have eyebrows like the most beautiful princesses of ancient Persia and India!

Because this natural hair removal technique can remove an entire row of hair, I will create clean straight lines on your eyebrows.  Other unwanted hair is removed cleanly and painlessly.

There are other benefits of threading too:

–        Eliminates the problem of in-grown hair

–        Helps in exfoliating the skin

–        Creates a perfect and desired shape faster

–        Removes all kinds of facial hair including thick and fine ones

–        Eliminates the fear of charring, dropping/sagging skin

–        Free of chemicals

–        Painless.

Why would you ever go back to invasive laser treatment? Once you try hair removal by threading, you’ll never go back.