I think real beauty is about feeling relaxed, cleansed and nourished.  Having a facial treatment will do both.

What is the ideal treatment for you?  That depends on where you are in life and how that is shown in your face.

Let me advise you which treatment will get the best result — for you.

Rejuvenating wheat dough facial

60 mins ($110.00)

Does a Holistic Facial Treatment Sound Like You?

When you reduce stress, you heal the mind and rejuvenate the body together.

A Rejuvenating Wheat Dough Facial will have the combined effect of disinfecting the skin, while healing and moisturising it.

I use processed wheat and a mixture of herbs such as mint, neem and basil to disinfect, exfoliate the skin and to help reducing freckling.  To these are added Camphor, Pure Mud, Dried Almonds, Lime, and Orange peel.

Because my ingredients are natural and gentle, this treatment can be performed weekly or even twice a week.


  • A natural Face Lift
  • Reduction in sun damage
  • Less under eye darkness
  • Shinier and softer skin

Facial Radiance

1 hr 20 mins ($80.00)

Would You Like to Look and Feel Younger?

Let’s be honest.  When we’re tired and stressed we look older.

Stress accumulates from the daily grind of managing work and family.    It shows in your face, neck and shoulders.

You know, sometimes you just need to take a break and look after yourself.

Facial Radiance is a remarkable massage treatment that works through stressed muscles and meridian pathways of the face, head and neck.

I am fully trained and certified in this amazing technique, which kneads those tensions away leaving you rejuvenated, refreshed and looking younger.

What will Facial Radiance do?

Muscles which are gently relieved of stress enable better blood circulation. Lymphatic flow is increased and collagen elastin production increased.

With improved nutrition of your skin, Facial Radiance treatment substantially diminishes the need for surgery and extensive skincare.

Facial Radiance stimulates the surrounding lymph system.  From the first treatment, you’ll have fewer lines in your skin, fuller lips and more defined facial features.

We recommend five treatments over a 5-week period.

You’ll look better because you feel better.

Ancient Herbal Oatmeal Facial

60 mins ($90.00)

Have you ever wondered why things can’t be more natural?

Do we really need all those chemicals?  

Well I agree.   There is an alternative.  It’s called an ancient herbal oatmeal facial and where I come from, it’s used widely.

My ancient herbal oatmeal facial uses only natural products — honey, yoghurt and of course oatmeal.

Oatmeal is renowned for its skin-calming qualities.  It is also an excellent exfoliate.  Yoghurt combined with honey calms and rejuvenates the skin leaving you feeling and looking younger — naturally.

What will an Ancient Herbal Oatmeal Facial do for you?

The natural ingredients will combine to reduce sun damage and to calm and moisturise the skin.  With freshly exfoliated and nourished skin, you’ll look and feel younger and fresher.

After a gentle, healthy alternative treatment, your face will reward you with a healthy glow.

Herbal Microdermabrasion

60 mins ($90.00)

Just because your skin is sensitive, it can still be healthy and glowing.

Microdermabrasion is a modern skin treatment which removes part of the top skin layer (dermis) and stimulates re-growth.  These days it’s often done with a machine, but I still prefer the traditional, natural method.

I use 9 or 10 exotic herbs in this natural process which I know to be as effective as microdermabrasion machines, perhaps more so.

It is effective in treating substantial scarring and removal of pigmentation caused by spots, chicken pox, acne pits and sun damage.

My Herbal Microdermabrasion Pouch disinfects and removes dead skin cells, preventing the formation of acne, rashes, whiteheads, blackheads.   It also activates glands and is known to be safe on sensitive skin.


  • Cleansed, stimulated skin
  • Reduced damage
  • A healthy glow that’s difficult to duplicate with machine

Diamond Facial

60 minutes ($120.00)

Diamonds may be forever but our skin does change.

We all know our skin changes as we grow older.  But growing older is no reason to have tired, dry skin.

The use of diamond dust particles used in this facial has long been recognised as a superb skin decongestion agent and a remover of toxins.  I use a nourishing cream, extracted from vetiver grass, date, mixed with dust of diamond and tankana leaves.

Its gentle dermabrasive qualities exfoliate the skin and diminish fine lines and wrinkles, boosting the skins natural ability to rejuvenate and heal itself.

As healthy new skin cells are generated, so will your skin take on a healthier, more vibrant and youthful appearance.

Gold Facial

60 minutes ($90.00)

I enjoy applying this treatment because I know has produced some incredible results for my clients.

The Gold Facial which rejuvenates and revitalised the skin.  Amazingly, gold is readily absorbed by the skin, with beneficial effects on the lymphatic system — the natural drainage system of the body.  This in turn stimulates circulation with a powerful effect on skin elasticity and a more youthful appearance.

I use a ‘dual complex’ gel of moisture enhancer and gold gel with a combination of vegetable peel packs and moisture enhancers and massage.

You’re going to feel better and look amazing!

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With facial skin, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.  Ageing, stress and the outdoor environment all take a toll on your skin.  It’s a matter of choosing the right treatment for you.

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